Casting Extras


Office experience required

Flexible Hours Full or part time No experience required All looks needed

Background Extras Needed

For Movies TV Shows Modeling Music Videos Dance And More
Anyone can become an EXTRA, men or women from ages 18 to 85


No Experience or Education Needed Meet Celebrities Work Flexible Hours Up to $300/day
Opportunity to Learn More About Acting or Modeling
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Location: San Diego, CA

Movie extras provide the rich tapestry of background performers in almost every scene. Regardless of the scene, location or time period, movie extras are used play the role of background fillers. You will see them as crowds at sporting events, students in the school hallway, patients in hospitals and diners at restaurants. Movie extras are the soldiers on the battlefield and even the criminals in jail cells. Thousands of movie extras are working everyday in the film industry and are shooting movies, TV shows, and commercials all over the world. There's a huge demand for movie extras. And this demand is never going to stop. As long as there are motion pictures, there will be jobs available for movie extras of all types. It doesn't matter what you look like. It doesn't matter where you live. And best of all, it doesn't matter if you have any experience or not. Anyone can be a movie extra!