Breslin Schenk (Talent)

Saint Charles, MO
Age: 44
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Height: 6' 0''
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Additional Languages: Spanish

Types of Work Preferred:

Acting, Modeling, Reality TV, Promo / Events, Theater, Dancing, Voice-Over

Additional Information:

Improvisation and special training alongside the Chameleon. mad libs
went to 9 schools before graduating high school highly adaptable to new surroundings and people .

Jobs and activities: Fix computers, work in a communication tower, programmer, network engineer, throw trash from anywhere in a room and make it, oversees my shipmates called me Clooney cause I could talk to the ladies, run at full speed going through a door and shutting it perfectly, not making a sound, make faces like Mr Bean, act like Jim Carey, change my voice to what I hear,
find a needle in a haystack, server, bartender.

Never judging, always thinking for myself, thinking before I speak when I am not talking.

Im real good with burning through dough; starting at the early impressionable age of eleven I could be found standing on multi-colored plastic milk crates cheesing while flipping saucy, Italian sausage covered dough at my step-dads Italian restaurant and nightclub called TOPS.

Well diversified in cooking, I learned to flip big Crocodile Dundee knifes, two at a time, I talk with my hands compliments of my Sicilian step-dad, I grew up in the city of St Louis by Forest Park (late 80's) in a million dollar home. Two blocks this way or that way wasn't a good place for me, all my childhood friends got new bikes for Christmas, I lost mine. but I knew how to handle myself, I walked around with a slingshot under my coat. I grew up fast and saw a lot. I would show up to the Adult shop everyday when I was 16, it said 19 to get in, I was persistent, I had to know what was in there. It was called the Central West End, land of the free and home oh sexual people are brave.

I taught myself how to handle a (makila) staff (ie. Coming To America starring Eddie Murphy and Samuel Jackson scene) and know my way around cap guns and staple guns. That proved to be a good talent to learn when hustling bikers in pool at the biker bar.

My passion for entertainment was solidified throughout middle school, as I was lead actor both years. in both the seventh and eighth grade drama class. Two plays when I was a kid of which I had the most lines in each role, I was Avery, the trouble making boy in Charlotte's Web, and Curly (cumulative to Doc) in Snow White, in the Black Forest.

At 14 I taught myself billiards my step-dads biker bar called Cadillac Jacks. I continued to work 40 hours a week while going to an all boy school called DeSmet, I took Drama I,II,III. I would always make goofy commercials. This shark was eating up some 40 year old drinking money. I went head to head with the Missouri 8 ball Champion by the time I was 19. I ended up joining the Navy after my best friend was shot and killed in East St Louis. I didn't want to die young without seeing the world. Having a better understanding of people, cultures was an experience. I got into computers and communications, I worked with the pilots and air traffic controllers in the comm tower.

Growing up, I felt acting and making people laugh was in my blood and really didn't know how much it was until I found out at the age of 35 that my father Larry that raised me was not my biological father, he didn't know either (My Mom "Jerry Springered" us). Thanks to Jerry I felt semi normal, since all these class act people went through the same thing. Honestly it was like the end of Fight Club when I found out, mind explosion. He was a great man (moral values), he passed away almost 4 years ago.

My 3 younger sisters found me on Facebook and them met my biological father, the significance of this is that my "bio Dad" Mike Breslin was a newscaster for KPLR TV Channel 11, and also produces commercials, so I should have been Aaron Breslin, so come to find out I am more Irish than I thought. I still say that I am Italian Irish German. I beat myself up all the time, well the Irish side and Italian side anyway. I do stand up comedy for fun and can easily base it on life experiences.

I am very athletic, I have great hand eye coordination, darts, billiards, bowling (190 AVG), I was a pitcher in high school and played safety and wide receiver. I was the smallest kid on the team, I had fun weighing 135 and tackling someone that weighed 200+. I wasn't too scared of anything. Currently I am an engineer in IT, I have worn many hats, from PC Repair, Network Engineering to Software Development. I can do whatever I put my mind to, and I want to put my mind to making people laugh, teaching moral values, bringing Peace to society, I self taught myself most everything.

Conclusion, I was always a $%^& disturber, the class clown, the red headed step child, the youngest cousin of 4 boys, Parents went on trips and I was sent to Grandma and Grandpa's to play Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, they owned a boat marina, paint the docks, pick up sticks on the banks of the river. Work Ethic, I have it and I get $&^% done! Like Bruce Willis in Armageddon, I always make my mark.

PS My hair is super long right now, an Afro. Please have my hair stylist ready, here I come.
More Videos to come including impressions.

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