B Coop (Talent)

New Haven, CT
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: African-American
Height: 6' 1''
Weight: 397 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Types of Work Preferred:

Acting, Modeling, Reality TV, Promo / Events, Singing

Additional Information:

I have always wanted to persue a dream in modeling, acting, and t.v host, i am fun energetic young kid that come from a city thats full a crime its "New Haven CT" Its hard out here tryna make it out with no opertunity. let me tell you a lil bit about my self i was born in Bridgeport CT, my nabor hood that im from/ grew up in! was called the "Hill" know as "southside" i grew up with my brothers from another we all grew up here. it was wild back then growin up. as a young kid i love dirtbikes thats what we all loved specialy in the summer time up and down my street. it was cool to us but moms couldnt afford that for me at the time becuase of the bills that had to be paid around the house first! you know how that go. also im interested in making music too, i am the nicest beat boxer around i could make the best beat from my mouth from any song or movie. & also i love to play video games! i was always the class clown in middle school coming up lol so i was always making people laugh! that just was my thing in school joking around having fun. I came up with my two sisters and mother in a single home.my dad had passed away later on in the year of 2011 when i was 19 years old! smh yea it has been hard for me growing up with out a father! but you know life goes on. i think about him everyday! i know he's proud of me! & what i am doing. im thanking god everyday for life! thats why i started my own clothing line! to show people you can do something with your life even if you been thru the hard times and all the life obstacles, that has came againts you. dont let that hold you back from moving foward because i always use to here people say to me what do you want to be or do when you grow up?? i always say i dont know or play around and not take it serious. but now as i grow you have to put the childish things to the side and take life serious! this is more than just T-Shirts its a message behind it! this is my Life!!!!! "SFSF" Stay Free Stay Focused Means to stay free from all the Drama, Hate, Jail, and anything thats not right. you have to stay free from that and of course stay focused on success to succed in life! its catchy right? im just representen the pain that i went thru in my life most people could relate to it. I started rapping about it too! as well you know just freestyle just having fun with it but when i started recording some good songs some people i know kinda liked it. so thats when i said to my self damn i should go to the studio and start recording. & thats what i did. one of my best songs i made was "thanx ma" off my mixtape no turning back vol1. im currently still working on this was a dedication to my moms for all the hard work she has done for me growin up as single mom it was hard for us. you can also go listen to that & i dedicated to all of the hard working moms across the world as well too!!. im not done yet! i also been working on my clothing line since the end of 2011 going into 2013 i didnt really take it serious until this year 2013 i felt like this was the year for me it was time to start focusen on my self and follow my goals. it all started when i was broke! didnt have no job, no nothing at all, my mom always said i have too much pride! because i dont like asking people for nothing its not that i dont like asking people for nothing i just rather go out and get it my self. it just feels good to do something on your own so thats what i did. so i said to my self something has to change! but later on in the time i found a job but that wasn't enough for me & my family so i figure why not start my own business to bring in more money. hopefuly one day i will be apart of a big company like nike, or a major clothing company that would sign me after they see what i could do! plus i love what i do. so i found my way!. Im just tryna do something with my Life and follow whats right my dreams! ;) support my clothing! & support me! i would really appriciate it good looking out! ;) you can check my *new* single song right here at! >> Youtube.com/Yaboiiiii19 #NoTurningBackVol1. and check out my blog website StayFreeStayFocused.Tumblr.com (c) THANKS CASTING 360!!

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