Kevin Deacon (Talent)

Davis, CA
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Height: 5' 7''
Weight: 136 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Types of Work Preferred:

Acting, Theater, Band Gigs, Dancing, Voice-Over, Singing

Additional Information:

Service Profile: I have great listening skills and am able to learn quickly. I can lift and carry heavy objects around 70 lbs or lower. I am always friendly, polite, and positive towards customers and fellow employees.
I have obtained two ROP Certificates from the class "ROP Stage Craft" that was taught at my high school. Through this class I have learned: design , set construction, rigging, sound, lighting, & general.
I learned how to demonstrate a basic knowledge of the creative process.
In design I learned the ability to read and analyze, and understand a script.
I learned the ability to work as a team to create a design concept.
And I learned knowledge of the basic processes for the designers.
Set construction:
I have learned to identify different tools and machinery.
I have learned how to demonstrate the safe use of tools and machinery.
I have learned how to demonstrate safe storage of tools and machinery.
I have learned how to identify different types and sizes of wood and their uses.
I have learned how to identify different types of fabric and their uses
I have learned how to identify different fasteners and their correct uses
And last but not least in the set construction section, I have learned how to demonstrate a knowledge and proficiency in the creative use of materials, such as foam and joint compound
knowledge of flat and platform construction designs
I can safely operate a counter weight fly system
I can load and unload weight safely
I can properly use the loading winch
I can properly rig Hollywood flats
I know the basic concepts of sound
I have the ability to patch and set levels for microphones
I know the proper procedures for hanging and focusing instruments including lekos (source fours, SLs, and Alman 360Qs), Fresnel's, and par cans.
I have an understanding or the lighting systems as a whole including terminology such as: dimmer, circuit, patch, hang, focus, cue, etc.
I can use proper safety procedures during hanging
I understand the basic programming on a Strand 520i
I have an understanding of the concept and ability to patch
I can demonstrate an understanding of the theater space
I have the knowledge of appropriate theater terminology
I have an understanding of the positions on a production team and the responsibilities associated with each position.
I have an understanding of common theatre hierarchies
I have an understanding of the role of the stage manager and the stage hands. Now, please take into account that I took this class twice and at my high school.

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