Maurice Davon Mack (Talent)

Southfield, MI
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: African-American
Height: 5' 9''
Weight: 165 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Types of Work Preferred:

Acting, Modeling, Promo / Events, Theater, Band Gigs, Singing

Additional Information:

Basket ball, literary/lyrical writing, baseball, weight lifting, roller skating, roller blading, running, bike riding, speech & communication, improv and I'm in the process of learnign spanish.

Maurice Davon Mack (BIO)

A new Heart, Mind and set of Lungs was introduced to Detroit, MI on October 8th, 1987 at 4:26am. Maurice Davon Mack is one of the exceptional talents born from Harold & Undrea Mack. With 3 older brothers and one younger sister, Maurice quickly learned the gift of hard work and persistence. Being that he was the youngest of four brothers, competition and ambition became a normal routine for him. It was at the age of 9 that found out his gifts and talents, and began to perfect what he looked at as just having a fun as a child. With an undeniable eye for creativity and the ability to communicate; his parents discovered his gift as a child, but unfortunately lacked the finance and resources needed to storm the market at the given time. Little did they know, that these challenges help mold him to what he is has become at the now (age 23). As a child, Ricey-Cup quickly picked up on everything from girls to math. His parents kept their family busy in after school activities and church, where Maurice excelled in academic games and of course theater. Growing up in Detroit turned out to be an unforgettable experience and challenging time for Maurice. While he was 7 he lost his closest friend, Brian, who was hit by a car and killed immediately. Despite the pain and hurt he felt, Maurice found comfort in drawing and writing. Maurice's father always knew when to bond and be there for him. Maurice's dad knew he had to keep him challenged even through all the obstacles , Harold Mack (Father) was the determined to raise this young man to be all that he knew he could be. From basketball & football to baseball, education, and a strong sense of morals and honesty. People often ask Maurice "Why weren't you like Raven Simone, Keisha Knight or any of the other childhood stars?" His response was: " I felt like my latter years are near and those actors were put here as an inspiration and an example for me to observe. They made a significant impact on my life and dreams and I love them for it!" From his experiences working with actors in theater, acting class and film, we found that many of his colleagues always had something amazing to say about him. Some say he definitely has Charm like Tony Danza, is as Professional as a Don Cheadle and gives off as much Charisma as Shia LeBouef or Lance Gross. Right now, Maurice is currently furthering himself in education, film, television AND commercial, & theater. Talking to this passionate young man often made most of his peers feel like they were around someone older, as if you were talking to a youthful wise man! Maurice's intelligence seemed to his most noticeable quality, his articulation and communication skills were affective to anyone he spoke with. He seemed to make a stranger feel like they had knew him for years all while making you feel his words and thoughts. His main goal in life is to strive to do over and above what it takes to succeed. As an actor he knew that excellence would not be obtained easy. So as a result, he adopted a technique taught by Detroit Director & Acting Coach Brian Heath, watching movies on mute to "Feel" the character's physical acting. Recording and listening to Ryan Secrest to personify and articulated his speech as proficient as Ryan does! Maurice Davon Mack seems to want the challenges of what it takes to be "Better than good". "Acting is more than just portraying obvious nature; it is about Self Discovery and a deeper understanding of one's own behavior. At the same time you should have fun and take risks." This was Maurice Mack's response to a Disney casting director, when she asked him "What is it about Acting that has kept your interest these last 10 years?" Being a child growing up, Maurice has been blessed to have supportive Parents, A fun drama teacher and colleagues. As a result he retained what he was taught and looks to use the professionalism and skill he gained to be a great Leader/Thespian. At the age of 23, he is now prepared and ready for any and every opportunity that challenges him. Maurice looks to solidify his place in this industry as a positive image. "My goal is to tell my viewers a story physically, emotionally and intellectually. That's a thespian's job in the industry; Denzel Washington never gets comfortable because he desires improvement consistently." These are wise words from such a charismatic and charming individual. With his time and experience over the last decade, Maurice Davon Mack hopes to build relationships with Disney, ABC and/or ABC Family, Sean John, Calvin Klein and American Eagle just to name a few. Even though he often battles criticism that he is a type cast, he's determined to show casting directors and viewers how captivating and intricate he can be, without crossing that "perception line". He was asked what he meant when he said that and he told us... "I like Christopher Nolan films, because of his intelligent direction and the intricate roles he allows actors to portray. These roles open the actor's range without disrupting a viewer's outlook. I look forward to working with him one day hopefully". High hopes from such a talented young man. But it was in the city of Detroit where this young athlete and scholar learned to develop his talent, into a craft. In 2007, Acting coach Lonnette McKee really brought out the best in him! The renowned Actress Lonnette McKee (Sparkle, Jungle Fever, Brewster's Millions & ATL) told him "You're so much more interesting than you think you are Maurice, your talent is profound!" With so much promise and optimism, Maurice Mack looks to become what he has dreamed and set out to accomplish. Although the Film industry is filled with talented actors, many of his counter-parts are confident that he embodies the ambition that it requires as a Professional Actor. Currently, Maurice is looking and evaluating top agents to sign with. He remains optimistic and confident in his career as he begins to make himself a household name in this industry.

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