Nick Belial (Casting Director)

Philadelphia, PA
Company name: Nick Belial Photography - Lorcan Saoirse Films

Types of Work Preferred:

Acting, Modeling

Additional Information:

My name is Nick Belial. I am a stills photographer, writer and director for indie and studio film productions.

* Currently in pre-production and casting for 'To Avenge'

* Recent work includes award winning drama, 'Delaware Shore', 'Decay' a zombie
apocalypse film set in PA and DE and 'The Listing' starring Scream Queen Jessica Cameron.

About me: I have been a photographer since I picked up my first Pentax K-1000 camera during my senior year in high school-- but it didn't turn into a full-time career for me until about 12 years ago. I was shooting architectural images until an aspiring model friend asked me to help her build her portfolio. She loved the pictures, told her friends and some people in her acting class and within a few weeks, my schedule was full. I've been working with models and actors ever since.

My style during photo shoots is unrushed and patient. Whether you are a first time model or seasoned pro, you can always expect to be treated with respect and a high degree of professionalism characterized by reliability, artistic creativity and supportive encouragement. For me, a successful shoot leaves the model feeling challenged, self confident and anxiously looking forward to seeing her finished set of images.

On set: Making movies is another world-- filled with bright lights, unfamiliar terms and all that behind-the-scenes magic that makes movies so special. We keep odd schedules, every meal we eat is called "lunch" and we tend to bond with our fellow cast and crew. It's not unusual to see people crying on the last day on set when we call, "That's a wrap!" The people you've just spent every waking hour with-- sometimes 12-14 hours/day for a month or more, suddenly all get in their cars, board their planes and you may not see them again for months or years. Making movies can be an emotional roller coaster, but the ride is exciting.

I am a stills photographer, producer, writer and director. The stills photographer is the guy who captures those images of the cast and crew on set during filming. Production stills often get used in press releases, roadside billboards and movie posters. I am also a producer and writer/director. My new film "To Avenge" is currently in pre-production. It's about a young, college-aged woman named Vera who is brutally attacked by four men during an off-season visit to the beach. When the justice system fails her, a mysterious stranger named Taarna steps in to right the wrong. If you enjoy classic rock, you're gonna' love the "To Avenge" soundtrack.

So that's a bit about me. If you're an actor needing fresh headshots or a model who's looking to update her portfolio, you can learn more by looking me up on my website. If you're an actor/actress responding to a casting call and want to know who you'll be working with, you can find more of my film work, (filmography) stills and credits by visiting and searching there by typing in my name: NICK BELIAL.

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