Golden Goddess (Talent)

La Jolla, CA
Age: 52
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Height: 5' 3''
Weight: 119 lbs
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
Chest/Bust: 36 inches
Dress size: 10
Hips: 36
Waist: 30
Cup size: B

Types of Work Preferred:

Acting, Modeling, Reality TV, Promo / Events, Theater, Band Gigs, Dancing, Voice-Over, Singing

Additional Information:


Golden Goddess Glenda Lourdes is presently A Model & Talent, A Public Figure, World Classic Angel Model, Professional Photographers Model, Military Celebrity Of San Diego CA Chapter, Ms. Pageant & Ms. Our Lady Of Lourdes, 1983.

She was in An Acting Class and is continuing in An Acting Class.

She have A Bachelor Degree With A Diploma Of Banking & Finance (Commerce). She have A Medical Office Assistant With A Diploma Or Certificate. She have A Certificate Of Program Airlines Reserve System.

Was born May 1966, 5'3 in height, 119 lbs., red hair, brown with blue on the rings side eyes, fair skin and Euro-Asian Descent. She is Single, no kids and never been married.

At Teenager age 19 when she was discovered and asked to do Acting For A Movie Film Of REGAL & VIVA FILMS & ALSO THE BELLE STAR AGENCY at The Asian Country of Manila, Philippines by Some Talent Scouts. She was also discovered and asked to Sing in that country. Also, she was discovered and asked to do A Stage Performance In Japan Entertainment Agency. She was Immigrating to The United States Of America so she did not signed any contract with them. Her Mother had petitioned her to The United States Of America and she can't accept Any Movie Career Contract In That Countries. Had Immigrated to The United States Of America Year, 1992 and had took The Philippines Airlines. Had stopover at Honolulu Hawaii and Port Of Entry in San Francisco, CA then San Diego, CA Final Destination. One of her biggest achievements is being here in The United States Of America.

Prior to her departure for The United States Of America she had applied for Flight Attendant at Philippine Airlines in The Philippines. She want to be A Flight Attendant. But she was Immigrating for The United States Of America. She was not employed because it was conflict.

After her interview at The Philippines Airlines she had applied for A Fashion Model at One Of The Famous Fashion Designer in Manila, PI. Fashion Designer, Rudy Fuentes had seen her and she was employed One Of His Fashion Model. She was told to communicate with him.

When she was New Immigrant in The United States Of America she was selected, A Prospective Employee for Flight Attendant at Delta Airlines, Incorporation which to be based at New York City. She was given a noticed for Flight Attendant Training and was selected for Flight Attendant Training. Due to The World Trade Center Terrorist Attacked she had not pursued to work for The Flight Attendant. She then had worked in the ground level for Northwest Airlines at San Diego International Airport, A Ticket Agent & Customer Service Agent. Later, Northwest Airlines and Delta Airlines, Incorporation had merged and all employees were laid off. She love working in The Airlines Industry and actually had been doing follow up for employment but there are a lot of candidates that she no longer was challenged.

Certainly, she is literally involved and enthused with The Entertainment Industry ever since she was A Teenager. She is totally in A Glamorous World and she do practiced Social Skills In The Entertainment Industry And Always Stay Updated.

She is signed up with Several Agency's here in The United States for Her Movie & TV Film Productions, Print & Ads Commercial Modeling & Voice Over Productions. She want to travel to The Center Of Fashion In The World At Italy. She had been doing Many Fashion Show Modeling and she is determined to update.

She have association of Actors & Actress, Movie & TV Producers & Directors, Some Professional Photographers and Her Agents and Managers. She is doing Modeling Stints for varieties of local companies which are Her Model & Talent Career Sponsors.

She was been in A Movie Film Production With A Background Of Asian. But she want Some Big Film Roles and she prefer Comedy & Drama Roles. She is determined to do Supporting Actress Roles & Want Leading Actress Roles. She is working in all of these and she wishes to be very productive.

She also got interested to be in The Disney Character Actress. Was been seen by Many Audition's for Snow White Character & Jasmine Character for Disneyland Productions Show. She was been confident.

Golden Goddess Glenda Lourdes Have Her Fans Club Day Celebration Every Year. It is Every Month Of July and she want to invite all her fans.

Golden Goddess Glenda Lourdes Family Heritage Of Profession are mostly Medical Career Industry. Mostly are Physicians. Primary Medical Physician, Surgery Physician, Obstetrician & Gynecologist Physician, Dental Physician & Psychologist Physician. Also, many are Registered Nurses, Engineers, Lawyers. To count on also A Pharmacist, Movie Producer Writer, Municipal Court Judge & Businessmen & Businesswomen.

Golden Goddess Glenda Lourdes is studying and learning Italian Language, Spanish Language & Japanese Language.

Her Parents had raised her with High Social Etiquette & High Influenced Standard. Her Father Heritage Is Part Italian and Castilian Spanish. And Her Mother Heritage Is Part Japanese-Chinese-Spanish. Her Father Was A Professional Chief Of Police During Spanish Time For Many Years. Then Got His Lawyer License & Had Practiced in Town. He was discovered to be An Actor On Screen when he was taking The Bar Examination in Manila, PI but he was married already with many young children. While her Mother Was A Grade School Teacher For Many Years. Then Got Her License For Municipal Court Of Justice Clerk To The Judge. Her Mother Was An Actress Of The Mother Of Fatima. She was in High School Education and she was discovered to be The Actress Of Mother Of Fatima Portrait. Selected from The Audition by The Panel Of Benedictine Nuns Judges. Her Mother was chosen of all the candidates and for her simple image and characters and being humble, The Benedictine Nuns were impressed. Her Mother Was A Theater Stage Actress For The Mother Of Fatima Role. Produced By The Benedictine Nuns and it was their fundraising for The School Administration. Her Mother was the talk of the town being Very Beautiful Even Behind Scenes. Being A Simple And Humble Mother she had never encouraged her children to be in The Movie & TV Industry or Entertainment Industry. She was raised very conservative by her parents. Her Mother was trained to do Agriculture by her parents, where her parents ( Her Grandparents) owned A Farm Ranch with varieties of fruit trees, coconut trees, rice fields, lands and animals which includes horses and others. Her Mother was too very conservative and nevertheless she never want liberated people. Her Parents are both deceased.

Her Skills And Interest Includes - Celebrity, Fashion Show Modeling, Photography, Video Productions, Television Film, Movie Film, Theater Performance, Stage Performance, Character Actress, Arts, Styles, Music, Print & Advertisement, TV Commercial Modeling, Radio Voice Commercials, Varieties Of Modeling Stints, World Classic Angel Modeling, Military Celebrity Luncheon & Party's, Ms. Our Lady Of Lourdes International Gallery, Proficient In Most Sports Including Tennis, Billiards, Roller Skating, Surfing, Swimming, Fishing And More. Adept With MC (Master Of Ceremonies) In Any Special Events & Party's, And Volunteering Charity Special Events And Party's. Ride Bicycles And Horses. Drive Any Vehicles Made. Current United States Passport. Nevertheless, orders of her background information is available upon request.

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