Avoiding Scams

We verify all casting calls on Casting360, and most of them will be safe and professional experiences. Unfortunately, scams do happen and the best method of protection is to educate yourself.

List of reported scams:

  • GQ Magazine
  • Allure Magazine
  • Insight Agency
  • Dexter Grimes - Profile Photo team
  • jc penny magazine
  • Jeff Salogar
  • Frank Clarkson
  • Never Ending Casting
  • Happie Images
  • Ganza Photo Shoot
  • Fred Ford, Mike Godsey - "Cafe Press"
  • Michael Chris, Mallisa Jackson - from "Average Advert"
  • Edward William - WJ Kelly Media Cast
  • Joyce Stockwell
  • Akila Murphy
  • Michael Glemour
  • Trudi Johnson
  • Carson Tyler, Kevin Dixon, Melissa Thompson - U.S. Talent Sources/CH Global - casting@ustalentsources.com, mthompson@ustalentsources.com,
  • Prescott Caballero, Antonio Eduardo - Corporate Picture Productions - casting@corporatepictureproductions.com
  • Amanda Jenkins, Alejandro Rodriguez - Dreamworksvisuals.com - info@dreamworksvisuals.com, casting@dreamworksvisuals.com
  • Martin Lopez - RUBY BIRD STUDIOS/LIGHTBOX STUDIOS - info@rubybirdstudios.com
  • How do I make sure an audition is safe?

    - Check exactly what is required of you before attending an audition.

    - Use Google to research the company or person that you are auditioning for.

    - Check the location of the audition. If it's in a hotel or bar, or at someone's house, this should raise some red flags.

    - Take a friend, parent, or colleague with you to the audition.

    - Don't be afraid to say "no" to anything that you aren't comfortable doing.

    - Always read contracts carefully before signing them.

    Here are a few signs of a scam email:

    - The spelling or grammar is very poor

    - Asking you for money upfront or sending fake bank cheques

    - The email claims to be from a known company, but the email address does not include the original website, like @mtv.com

    - The offer they are making you is generic with no specific details.

    Example of a real scam email:

    If you will work with me then you must be approachable,courageous and contribute. About compensation; our professional standard rate as slated for this assignment is $300 per hour only, i.e. a total sum of $1200.00 for the 4 hrs, as we'll be looking forward to work with you for 4 hrs only. An advanced deposit of $600.00 would be issued to you via a certified/valid Check as designed by our policy to pre-endorse you for this assignment, and your balance would be paid at the completion of the shoot.

    If you think you might be dealing with a scammer, or you've already been scammed, please contact us at support@casting360.com or talk to your local authorities.

    Disclaimer: Casting360 is not a talent agency, employer or a talent scout; the site is only a venue. Casting360 does not promise or facilitate employment. The number of casting calls available varies by location, roles available and the level of experience required. As with any business, results may vary, and will be based on individual capacity, experience, expertise, and level of desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of income the user may experience.

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