Everybody Knows Somebody Who's Done Modeling or a TV commercial.

It works so well, we guarantee it. That's why we've created the Casting360.com Guarantee.
If a casting director or an agent does not contact you within 6 months, we'll give you an additional 6 months free.

How the Casting360.com Guarantee works:

Sign up for a 12 or 6-month subscription.
If a casting director or an agent does not contact you within first 6 months, we'll give you 6 extra months at no additional cost to you to continue your search.
You'll love your time with us. We guarantee it.
During your subscription you must:
  • Create a truthful Casting360.com profile with a primary photo and keep it visible to the public.
  • Submit to at least 5 unique Casting360.com casting calls each month through the Casting360.com service.
  • Comply with all of the Casting360.com Guarantee Program rules.

Casting360.com Guarantee Program Rules

We know you'll meet tons of great agents during your subscription with us. But, if a casting director or an agent does not contact you during first 6 months, we'll give you an ADDITIONAL 6 months to continue your search. Check out the rules below, then get out there and start connecting today!
  • Under the Casting360.com Guarantee Program, (the "Guarantee Program" or the "Program") if a casting director or an agent does not contact you during a qualifying six-month paid subscription to the Casting360.com service, we'll give you an additional six-month subscription (the "Guarantee Extension") to the Casting360.com service at no additional expense. See Casting360.com Terms Of Use for details regarding the Casting360.com service and use of the Casting360.com website.
  • The Guarantee Program is available for a limited time only, and open to anyone not currently participating in the Program. Additionally, to be eligible for the Program and the Guarantee Extension, you must:
    • 1. Comply at all times with the Casting360.com Terms Of Use. By using the Casting360.com website and participating in the Program, you agree to be bound by the Casting360.com Terms of Use.
    • 2. Pay in full the applicable rate for a twelve-month or six-month subscription to the Casting360.com service (the "Guarantee Program Subscription"). The Guarantee Program Subscription consists of five consecutive 30-day periods followed by a final period of 33 days, all of which are referred to as a "Month" in these Program rules. If you are enjoying the benefits of a free trial of the Casting360.com service, your Guarantee Program Subscription will not begin until your free trial period ends.
    • 3. Use your Guarantee Program Subscription to create a profile with a primary photo. Your profile and primary photo must be approved by Casting360.com within the first seven days of your Guarantee Program Subscription in order for you to be eligible for the Guarantee Program.
    • 4. Keep your profile with primary photo visible at all times during your Guarantee Program Subscription.
    • 5. Submit To At Least 5 Casting Calls each month through the Casting360.com service during your Guarantee Program Subscription.
  • Customers eligible to receive a Guarantee Extension will not receive a refund, money or any other thing of value as a substitute for the Guarantee Extension. The Guarantee Extension may only be used by the purchaser of the Guarantee Program Subscription, and the Guarantee Extension may not be sold or transferred in any way.
  • Guarantee Program Subscriptions which do not result in a Guarantee Extension (due to ineligibility of the subscriber or failure of the subscriber to accept the Guarantee Extension) will automatically be continued for successive six-month subscription periods at the subscription rate in effect at the time of continuation. See Casting360.com Terms Of Use for details regarding Casting360.com subscriptions and charges on your billing account.
  • The Casting360.com Terms of Use and the Casting360.com Guarantee Program Rules are subject to change by Casting360.com at any time, effective upon posting on the Casting360.com website, and your use of the Casting360.com service and your initial or continued participation in the Casting360.com Guarantee Program after such posting will constitute acceptance by you of such changes. Casting360.com reserves all rights to modify, suspend or cancel the Program at any time and without notice.
  • Program rules last updated December 17, 2015.

Disclaimer: Casting360 is not a talent agency, employer or a talent scout; the site is only a venue. Casting360 does not promise or facilitate employment. The number of casting calls available varies by location, roles available and the level of experience required. As with any business, results may vary, and will be based on individual capacity, experience, expertise, and level of desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of income the user may experience.

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