Johnny Reliford (Talent)

Largo, FL
Age: 46
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: African-American
Height: 5' 10''
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair: Other
Eyes: Brown

Types of Work Preferred:

Acting, Modeling, Promo / Events, Band Gigs, Singing

Additional Information:

My talents include, but are not limited to: Hip Hop Artist (Lyricist, Author, Stage Performance/Dancer, Amateur Percussion/Beat Producer, Background Voiceover/Tenant), Photography, Artwork (Drawing, Painting) Fashion Designer, etc. I ve always wanted get involved in acting as well.

I would like to gain exposure in the music industry as a Hip Hop Lyricist/Writer/Performer/A&R/Crew Member, in the movie industry as an Actor/Extra/Crew Member, and in the fashion industry as a Designer, Photographer, Buyer, etc.

I am highly motivated & focused. I posess the ambition, natural GOD given talent, skills, stage presence, and the ability, to be sucessful & professionally creative. I know this without a doubt!

All I can vision myself doing in life, is to work amongst the creative! To the day I die, that will be my mission.
At age 5, I drew my first picture. As I grew older, my family and friends started noticing my talent, which motivated me to go further. I spent years perfecting my art ablility, which earned me several 1st-3rd place awards in sketch, pastel & chalk drawings. Eventually, I started painting and designing logos and urban attire. I m still strongly utilizing my drawing skills today.

I started writing music, dancing, & performing at age 12. Back then, I also use to enter talent shows (dancing, rapping) and model shows (hair, apparel) every summer. It was 1984, on one hot summer night in a car garage, where I wrote my first rhyme song. Back then, I use to street dance, imitate Michael Jackson moves, and sing in a group, my three male cousins and I formed, in hopes of one day, making it big. We became fortunate to land a few local gigs, peforming live in neighborhood events, & a local uptown night club, singing New Edition songs. In 1990, I joined the high school band, as a snare & tenant drummer. At that time, I didn t even know how to read sheet music. I begged the band instructor to give me a chance, and once he did, I found myself part of the band! I picked up on every note by ear, and became section leader over the snares. I feel like that movie, Drumline , was made about me! The story of my life!

Even though I under went tough times, growing up low-middle class, without a father figure, I still managed to finish high school (05/23/91), and graduate from a fashion college, (Miss Wade s Fashion College, Dallas, TX.) with honors (05/18/95). I was awarded top honors for my fashion designs, worked as an intern (2 yrs.) for various apparel showrooms, & for Fashion Mega Market Week (Dallas Apparel Mart, Mens & Womens) and offered a position with the top fraternity, Phi Theta Kappa.

After college, I teamed up with a R&B/Hip Hop D.J. (Super Slim) and recorded a single Sugar Mama, in 1998. We performed in concert, at a well known hangout in Dallas, Texas (The Bronco Bowl) As of April, 2005, I have been working on a second demo, (Sound Bitez) with band members (Alotta Flava) in St. Pete, Florida, in a home-studio we dub The Wherehouse , and a more advanced studio in Clearwater, Florida. The demo will demonstrate a multitude of diversity on each track, new age flavor, and will uniquely holds a category of its own, when it comes to style, ranging from Hip Hop to Alternative Rock. My first demo (Mulfunkt Mindz), was recorded in 2001 (jDuZiT & Eternal) in Tampa, Florida. I m also in the process of conducting plans, on working with a local unsigned song writer, on a few R&B/Production projects, and a Hip Hop Gospel group, in which I done a performance with on (03/26/06). So watch out for my many diversified stylez, to resurrect from the pages, to the cds and radio waves!

jDuZiT (2006)

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