MirrorCloneNigh­tRing (Talent)

San Diego, CA
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Middle Eastern
Height: 5' 11''
Weight: 160 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Types of Work Preferred:

Acting, Modeling, Promo / Events, Theater, Voice-Over

Additional Information:

I've got 5 brothers and sisters all adopted, twin boys and a wife. Served my country for 11 damn years; the wife is on her 16th.


The Q

I'm Bigger!

3rd Grader


Eight One Eight
Five Five
Two Seven

My Memoirs Az It Were:

"Edited" For 360

I guess it was a bit difficult to answer the email as I abhor pity and uneducated insults to my person but in short yeah I have a plan it's to build websites, podcasts and publish ebooks and let the world know the intricicies of the human heart through reforming religion by way of the advent of a new one. One based upon the truth about this world ie.. Alien visitation being the catalyst for religion's beginnings and how it's being totally covered up at the moment coupled with the myriad of facts upon the earth that point towards a whole new world people do not even see yet but is right there in front of them. The problem is we live by our beliefs but a lot of us believe in the wrong things but it's not on purpose it's accidental ignorance it's just passed down like tradition when in reality there is no such thing as right or wrong or god or satan at least not in the capacity that we as humans accept these ideas. It's epidemic and people have beliefs like a disease, it is hurting them, like it hurt me, put me on the streets and kept me from my potential by stifling my creative abilities by way of a mere morally sufficient tale: Do right, or else. The last thing I said to my father was "God promises you guys heaven if you do all he requires, your father told you that if you left Emilia then he'd disown you and you've already told me that I am out of the will along with my brother Andre because our marriages didn't work out....DO YOU REALLY THINK I'M GOING TO TREAT JACK AND JOSH LIKE THAT!!!!???" and he kicked me out of the house; just for speaking my mind. Much like the church excommunicates people and much like people are shunned, categorized and labeled simply because we refuse to accept anything other than the popular moral standard. Well, unfortunately for this moral code I've found a better one. I plan to use all my earnings to educate thee entire world, especially Africa, the birthplace of man and civilization and home of those indigenous people around the world who are more privy to what I am saying than I ever could be. They are locked in, living this truth daily and suffering for it whilst I'm only just now discovering it; and suffer for it I have. I plan to connect the world with these types of people so they can provide the answers they are looking for...I call it GEN 1 GEN 2 GEN 3 GEN 4 ... we are GEN 1 we do not know the truth but as soon as we are a little more familiar with our identities then we can begin to help others and move to generation 2 etc etc.. I have this whole Alien website built in like 15 spiral notebooks it's dynamic, intriguing, and monstrous. Fortuna.com Isys.com Isis.com, havn't gotten into the official specifics of it all yet but it's going to be like a facebook where you have membership, a new name and it's ultimately only a medium really, a temporary site to discover what each man needs to in order to continue his life anew. I've watched about 1000 hours of alien facts and it clicked like nothing ever clicked before. I spend every waking moment in the library learning how to build websites, podcasts, epublishing for ebooks as I am a writer and always have been but have somewhat of an illiteracy of the skills of the younger generation as I spent my 20's in far off lands fighting for freedom and democracy only to return and find that it didn't exist even among my closest peers. My voice too has been blessed as well as my body and my whole entire person for that matter (; Growing up I knew full well that I would never get married, procreate or even belong to another etc etc but told myself that if SEAL didn't work out by the time I was 30 then I would settle down into the quite life of things and try out a family. I knew that one day I would be homeless and actually looked forward to it I was THIS close to going awol {absent without leave, leave is vacation} in the Navy with my partner in crime Philip Kirk. We'd smash down satan's walls with our presence and our bibles much like I am doing now just that I changed teams. I'm the type of person that doesn't do too well with hinderances of any type and that's ultimately what drove me out of my own family....which I may get back here soon if my mad crazy wife can settle down long enough to have a decent conversation with me. My family has been begging me to submit myself for a 6 month rehabilitation for over a year now and I have refused but I called them this morning because I wanted to flush the habit myself verses being told to do it because I know my psychology and I know nobody can and will ever be able to really successfully tell me what to do and how to live my life. I don't know what I'm going to do or if I'll actually go but my marriage expires this month and my beauties and I are to speak today of all our plans for our futures......my parents raised me christian and sent me only to private schools and in the military I had the highest educational marks, held a top secret clearance and had a job where I'd take daily "shart" for it because it was so easy because I earned it. I was so smart that I got to shoot tomahawk missiles and work in air conditioned spaces and if something went wrong I merely changed out an entire circuit board as oppossed to actually having to get dirty and fix anything. Although I was taught the mild profession of resistors, capacitors, diodes, inductors etc etc {those are the names of all those little thingies on those green city looking circuit boards} I was hired on as an Advanced Electronics and Computers Technician....unfortunately for me stuff advances so fast and they don't have any missile launching positions available at the moment. I soon fell off the wagon of normal social behavior upon my born again experience which prompted me to go in the navy in the first place because my parents sent me to rehab after doing MJ for 4 years 15 yrs old to 19 yrs and I knew that I could not trust them anymore so I left. I asked only to be sent to a church based program because the secular one was not good for me and my parental units refused. All the girls wanted to suck my "pee pee" and they were getting high during break but my parents didn't care. So I left; met my wife at the airport for bootcamp, who also was treated like a Cinderella due to her being the only child not of genetic connection to her parents in the midst of her two sisters who are now both a hotmess. We were pen pals for 5 strait years, lost our virginities at 23 years old to our first loves and then we dated each other off and on for 5 more years but I never would commit so we lost touch. Something happenned where we got out of the navy on the same day in the same city and were thrown together in the same class which exits each sailor out of the Navy and sends them on their merry way.....so we started back up again and the rest is history. She gave me an ultimatum that I either marry her or find another "F" buddy and I agreed but of course this ultimatum was the source of some of our turmoil as you don't do that to a guy. She's left me for dead out here on the streets and it's been over a year and I'm spent in many ways and finally able to see reality for long enough to perhaps make a responsible desicion to maybe get my life together so we'll see how that goes. When I got out of the Navy in 2005 I was so sick of food that I barely ate. I gained so much muscle weight in the Middle East that when my wife saw me that day she could not help but succumb to my charms...I bought a 1000 dollar gift certificate to Baja Fresh and one from Jamba Juice and ate once a day for months. My seperation pay was $28,000 which took me about a year to spend and I actually showed up to the states with 40 cents in my pocket because that check didn't arrive for a couple months ... I've never been too good with money; she on the other hand still has receipts from 2005 I'm sure. Dock her a penny and she will tear you apart. I can't stand going anywhere with her she makes a scene upon each and every innaccuracy in any type of supposed regulation a bussiness should provide a customer. She is fierce in a way that I guess I could not handle and she would not let me forget the lack of a man I was being in every situation. She's definitely taught me a thing or two but in the last year I've learned lessons that perhaps I could not have learned in any other way. I've learned how to be a man from the streets but more importantly I've learned about how this world works, well 5% anyway. I understand now why it's not so much of a burden to conduct yourself the way she often does as people pretty much are always trying to "F" with other people...but now I have some new lessons to teach her. I plan to do away with homelessness or make an app or construct paths to get people to begin to recognize the miracle of life that is in each of them and not to resort to constantly bringing each other down. It's how I started off but I just got distracted. Upon my born again experience I went door to door person to person with the bible preaching the truth until the truth was no longer what I was preaching...so I searched farther which is where and why my search has brought me to the conclusion on which I now stand. I count my life nothing compared to what it can become and feel dead in a way already. I long for death but would never commit suicide so while I'm here you best be assured that something special is going to occur. I had to kick my drug habit for many reasons but most of all for myself; as we all must do the important stuff for ourselves it is the crux of what I am selling: Do For Yourself And In Turn You ARE Doing For Another. Anyway, it's nothing really just one life lived. We'll see how it ends up I'm just here for a while anyway ya know.
You are right I am demented and extrelemely sick in the head for so long now I thought I had been dealing with unconditional love, being adopted at 4 years old, when in fact all this time my life has been riddled with conditional love and when the floor was swept and clean I was left alone in the middle of a wilderness. I am so impressionable and easily influenced and ideas flooded my head and I accepted each and every one of them as the gospel of my life, that's what adoptees do they trust, what choice do they have we are bought and sold at an auction, really, I was auctioned off my parents found me crying in a corner at the adoption festival and Man if you thought I was cute now you shoulda seen me then (; Over the years I've found that mine own ideas are, without pride or over zealousness just "goshdarn" better so there's really nothing more for me to do than to speak out, tell the world where they went wrong and provide a solution. I guess I have to do this first in my own life but the catch is that there IS really no right and wrong it's such a cluster"F" of impossible irony but perfected by the harmony of truth just the same. It's going to be a splendid upheaval you'll have shares in my site. All who have helped me over the years or during my time in despair I have not forgotten just as I have not forgotten those whom I have a bone to pick with. They will surely get theirs and it won't be pretty. Even a compassionate glance will be paid back tenfold. A little less harsh I will be on transgressors as we live in a transgressor state and well that's what I'm here to fix anyway. I've never met my real dad... one day I want to.

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