Jordan (Talent)

Salina, KS
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Height: 5' 11''
Weight: 161 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Types of Work Preferred:

Acting, Modeling, Reality TV, Voice-Over

Additional Information:

Graduated from John Casablancas modeling and career center at Oklahoma City in November of 2015. I learned basic and advance skills in both acting and modeling from the professionally experienced teachers there. For the graduation performance at John Casablancas I did a 3 minute long memorized monologue and a 30 second commercial ad as well as a short runway walk in front of 50 people. My teachers told me I did an amazing job on my performance and that the only thing I needed to improve on was my body/hand movements and gestures during my monologue which I have now gotten better at. I have a nice clear voice and am able to show great emotion with it!

For any project I may be considered for I can promise to you my full dedication and determination to complete any task I am given and to give 110% effort! I can follow directions very well and am not afraid to ask questions if I have to. I can easily get along with others and am a fun person to be around. Whatever I am instructed to do I like to make sure I do it and do right! I understand a lot of projects are time sensitive and its crucial to not waste any unnecessary time. I have learned the importance of taking advantage of every opportunity you get so I promise I won't let you down if i'm selected for a project. Practice and preparation is key in succeeding in everything and I will spend as much time as I have too in order to get things down right.

I also like to keep it simple and have fun! No drama!

I live and am from Salina Kansas but I am willing to travel to any location for however long I am needed.

I don't have any real on set TV/Film experience or credits yet as I'm just starting out in this business so I don't have much of a resume unfortunately.


Basics of Sports: Volleyball, basketball, football, mini-golf, bowling, track(hurdles, relay and long distance), swimming

General Skills: Licensed driver, can be my own stuntman, flexible, agile, improv, runway, weightlifting, basics of using weapons (firearms, swords), canoeing

Unique Skill: I have a very unique and different voice you don't hear very often. With my voice I believe I can take on a variety of speaking roles including serious, comedic, silly, cartoonish, and more!

In highschool I took the classes elements of acting and theater arts. In theater arts I was involved in a short play in which I performed in front of a large audience.

Here are some of the practices and scenarios I was involved in during my time in theater arts:

Pantomime, dialogue, improv, portraying of zombies, mini stage stunts, (falling, jumping, running, throwing), sleeping, laughing, play dead or injured person.

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