FrankieFlips (Talent)

North Hills, CA
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Latino / Hispanic
Height: 5' 6''
Weight: 145 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Additional Languages: Spanish

Types of Work Preferred:

Acting, Modeling, Theater, Band Gigs, Dancing

Additional Information:

Bio: Born on October 20, 1987 @ St. Mary's hospital in Palm Beach,FL. To begin I grew up in West Palm Beach 5 to 6 yrs from birth, my father attempted to teach me how to break dance. I remember it like it was yesterday he tried teach me the salsa step, with success I've learned the steps, but never really picked up the art of the dance at a young age. My attention
span was so short then, I was more into video games as a kid...So on, at the age of 11 my father taught me how to salsa with success... @ 12, 13 yrs , I just made it to high school (poinciana), and found that , there are bboys/ break dancers , practicing during lunch, not knowing much, I was inspired by all the moves these guys were pulling off...Omg that one move that made me decide to bboy was the 1990 ( a spin move on one palm while the body is vertically extended). So from that day forward, I went home everyday to practice bboying.. By the next school year with confidence , I started practicing with these bboys during lunch... Bboy Master , And bboy Nelson from Rockafella ,trained me as a bboy prospect... So they graduated , I've moved down south, carrying my legacy, all I've done was practice the art... From knowledge I got from everyone in 2001, bboying wasn't the same any more, barely any competitions, to show my talent... So instead people always invited me to perform at there parties...And from there I've met other dancers with the same dream. To perform for big name artists... So we got together, created routines and performed @ concerts, thanks to bboy Mario who was hosting these concert and also apart a local radio station called La Gigante...
Those other dancers that were apart of this crew were, Bboy Berto, bboy Martin, bboy Allen, bboy DizzyD , bboy Benny. While all this was going on DizzyD got me a job entertaining, for the Entertainment Connection Premier Dj's...Harry Gilbert is the owner of the company. By a great performance and the spirit that I carried, Harry took me under his wing and made me one of his boyz. Since 2004 I began working Entertainment Connection, where I've done wedding, mitzfas, bridal shows, corp events, etc...I still work for this company today...2006- 2007 I met bboy Arson and bboy Reaction, Supreme Beingz crew. Harry discovered them in Tampa while he was on vacation and offered them jobs.. since I've met these 2, my bboy/entertaining career can only get better... so they taught me everything I needed to know about bboying... Since then along with the passion I do have about dancing , I started to battle here and there whenever I had the time and money to attend to these competitions... Still do today...But today are hard times for my self, I want to spread my name all over the country and out to the world... Everyone sees that I have this gift, the love of my gift makes me want to spread it,among all of us...The purpose of this page is for the support of my people, and sponsorships, gigs, casting calls...

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