Dps Da Public Speaka (Talent)

Phoenix, AZ
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: African-American
Height: 6' 1''
Weight: 193 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Types of Work Preferred:

Acting, Modeling, Reality TV, Promo / Events, Voice-Over, Singing

Additional Information:

Skills Included: Singing, Rapping, Performing Live, Acting, Acrobats, Songwriter, Stage Production, Writer

George Toby was born and raised in Chicago, IL is a singer, songwriter, rapper and actor. Growing up to the sounds of hip hop, R&B and listening to family freestyle he was able to figure out this was a gift he had as well. Singing in the shower and rapping his favorite artist songs music really began to grasp his attention. Being raised in the church is where George was fully introduced to his love for music and entertainment. Listening to the bands and the choirs became his motivation for going to church. His mother in the attempt to keep George off the streets and out of trouble surrounded him with mentors and kept him close to what she began to see him open his eyes to as well. By the age of 10 he joined a Christian based performing arts program in his local town by the name of T. E. & Company. There he was taught the art of acting appearing in stage plays and musicals soon after throughout the Chicagoland area also appearing in TV sitcoms that aired on the local TV station for ECTV in Evanston, IL. Continuing on with acting; at the age 14 George joined the youth choir at his church Faith Temple COGIC in Evanston, IL. After being under the guidance of Recording Artist Carlis Moody Jr. in a short period of time George was able to begin perfecting his talent in singing. He began to sing the lead part for songs and eventually was able to experience performing a lead rap verse for a convention called Acquire The Fire. This particular performance was done in front of an audience of 10,000 young people. The response from the audience that night let him know for sure that entertainment was his first love. George began to surround himself with friends that sang and played instruments as well; People that love music and entertainment as much as him if not more. By the time George reached the age 17 he had made a few too many mistakes in school and outside of being a part of what he loved doing. In order for him to graduate on time he would have to join a military academy (L.C.A.) that he would attend for 6 months and receive his G.E.D. After 3 months of being there the other cadets on his team would pick a cadets room or day room to have freestyle Friday in and he sat quietly in the background listening carefully to the different Mcs and the way they used their words and their delivery. In Georges spare time he began to write rhymes and soon discovered that not only could he sing and rap other peoples music he was able to write and compose music of his own. After graduating from Lincolns Challenge Academy in December of 2001 George went back home found a job and also went back to work for T.E. & Company teaching other children the art of acting and theater. In 2001 he teamed up with his good friend Producer Seth Watson AKA G. Child. Together they wrote and produced his first single Let The Fire Burn and performed it at the upcoming late night musical at his church under the alias Blu. From there Blu went on to working on his first album I Pray For Me. His single from the album was called Do Dat Dere which ended up getting him radio play on Gospel Radio 1390AM; sister station to 107.5 WGCI in Chicago. From 2002 to 2003 Blu slowly began to make a name for himself in the gospel community and his local town opening for gospel artist such as Kiki Sheard, Norman Hutchison, Toney, Karen Clark Sheard, Alvin Willis, Deandre Patterson and Dorinda Clark Cole. In 2003 he dropped his next album I Put My Life On It. Then in 2004 he released 3rd album Born Again. By performing at various events and opening for artist Blu had rapidly made a name for himself and was noticed by Chicago Mogul, Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Musician, Producer now Artist and Pastor Steve Stone Huff. Huff took the duel under his wing and began to mentor them in the world of music and by mid-2005 the group CBG Chozen By God was born. G. Child and Blu now changing his alias to Prince David began working on their first single Handz Up receiving radio play for that song as well. The 2 went on to working on their album with the help off Stone producing some of the tracks for the album. CBG landed an opportunity to do collaboration and record with Grammy Award winner Darius Brooks on his 2005-2006 albums MY Soul. The Song is entitled Put Your Hands Up. CBG soon after released their group album Crunk Praze. Due to a chain of unfortunate events in 2006 the same year they released the album the group split up and Prince David left Chicago headed for Phoenix basically starting over completely and once again becoming a solo artist. Mid 2007 George began to find himself as a person and as an artist. He began to really experience life but did not give up on his goals and dreams. He began to try making a name for himself in Phoenix buying his own personal recording equipment and recording on his own. By 2009 Prince David George; was finally ready to resurface recording his very 1st Mixtape Da Prophecy and once again changing his alias from Prince David to DPS (Da Public Speaka). In 2010 DPS released his Mixtape picking up showcases and events to perform at and relocating to TN. There he recorded and released his 2nd Mixtape in 2011 C.O.D.P. Chronicles of Da Prophecy and continued to travel doing shows in different cities. In 2012 George had to face yet another damaging chain of events slowing him down and relocating him back to Phoenix. Currently George R. Toby A.K.A. Da Public Speaka is getting things back on track and working on his EP mixtape and album and feels that this is going to be the project that he really gets noticed for due to release spring of 2015.


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