Patrick John (Talent)

Clinton, NY
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Height: 6' 2''
Weight: 195 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel

Types of Work Preferred:

Acting, Modeling, Reality TV, Theater, Band Gigs, Voice-Over, Singing

Additional Information:

Okay will start fresh and drummer singer I've been in 37 musicals and then I had to move to central New York I was a more island I was born Queens tomatoes 27 82 looking Willyoung I know I'm kidding I take care myself I look young and the monsters are you my friend William Mari Weiss you know I went down there also went watch some Smallville cause my cousin's best friend was the star of it and because I was on it Sean runs in the family everyone was an actor musician and now it's it's my time you know I mean it's it's something I mean I would honestly do for free because I know Eyrich I have a huge I had a huge lawsuit on my lawsuit know please call me fat Pat and I like that because I was fat I mean denied more chins than that was all the phonebook hey how yyup none of Chinese Chinese phone book more chins than a Chinese phone book that's it is it I nailed it again nailed nailed it nailed them it her them okay then I start riding your arms tonight as I'm saying this on his deal I'm the best no I'm kidding obviously I practice on a thing called Highstar in the movies I distract get I do I do the whole rocky movie but you know myself I am not I wish I was better what a computer but I was also I'm also a vet Navy SEALs you know I was seven years I was a Navy seal restraint interrogation specialist so that is a pretty good I am I work out every day take care myself and make sure I'm in good shape toll I could feed off other actors in me and my girl the musical I got a standing ovation and the lead character didn't I pick that part on purpose cause I was able to improvise you know because you know I sang the song and a dance steel I pick up things very quickly it doesn't matter that I comity is the hardest I think you do have a naturally are you don't that's where Ryan Reynolds I mean he could do comity but when he did drama when he was in a coffin by himself playing off of a two hour movie pretty much of in a coffin that's mean that's got to be midnight didn't I reenacted the movies and I see how it comes out and in my way you know I c-axis I can't stand it anymore seeing the same people I I see a movie one day and then on my way to know you just played this character now is Batman he was daredevil with no now is Batman both Marvel not good I'm sorry it's just not good you make the money but people are already complaining about the movie because I think he should've just been a Bruce Wayne Hughes better Batman and daredevil definitely but you know I see like that like Matt Damon's first movie or whatever I mean it was like amateur hour I'm I'm not making fun night they're great actors now because you know as timing on a day of the Sealark no more and more got more experience a great now but I faxlore my favorites but Ryan Reynolds by far is the most versatile it's hard to be like the comedy and then you don't mix that the drama and intense Inoh I'm intense I'm an intense intense actor who feeds very much off of other people they got to give me that there also you know and I make connections with people you know so we know each other little bit you know like up like a romantic comedy yeah out on a normal person I wanna or tennis match girlfriend and I just you either and then I fart in the face because you nice to do that Eisterhold her face
Bought beakers know she deserved it but that's neither here nor there where am I I'm joking I am somewhere but I don't know what I do is I practice I love acting thing and I'm not I'm not bragging about knocking be no and tell you I'm not good because I am I really can't stand some of the stuff had these movies get made I don't know but like some of these movies Asiana HBO lienitis and cheese it's got to stop you know I know I'm on the if it's not from here one day I'll be in the movie you know but I never tried before because you know I always know I don't I would do for the money because I don't need it I just would do it because I love seeing people's reactions love it you know I loving people laugh I can't is nothing better to make people scared and Rosecut does cook now I always like hearing you know like critics and stuff yeah tell me I'm bad now maybe the script was bad maybe someone else's bed but I don't put a better performance on now and I'm done talking myself and boring you to death I'm sorry I apologize but I'm being honest I just got this is I mean people always that I've been famous a long time ago luckily are you look very young for my age and was almost 37 years young. I would like to apologize I know this is kinda off the thing is I'm not psychotic but I'm don't my keyboard doesn't mark on the computer so I have to talk into it so you guys can understand so you can understand much but understand that I am what you're looking for trust me you're not to look any further I guarantee it perfect height and weight you know you know I work out what time no athletic funny love comity Ryan Reynolds definitely inspired me ever since then Wylder just friends Emeryville Harkrider he did good but the movie doesn't Inoh he couldn't he couldn't win with that blade to blade to Rea not the man's best work but not as worst you Stephani that he's done more movies in the amount of time I mean he's ready when I was when I went to see Deadpool which yeah I should be I have to remind axman or one of these things I mean really really really icy BCW like the Green Lantern or some like that night I asked what I am I sitting here and I'm I'm half Puerto Rican half Italian so what a mix so I'll probably end up like being like adios Mia
Out of sight so I'll just say that you know brought him my grandmother was from Puerto Rico my father you know you know is all Puerto Rican and I hate him he killed my mother is a true story I once used 35 she was a mouse Bausch & Lomb six with three beautiful natural blonde blue eyes now my sister is a model Amy but she chose to go back to military because she loved what you did to the phlebotomist about Nicias Inoh a blood now but still having she loves what she does she saves dinner taken seriously in the relocator all-time Avenue I've six frozen sisters with so much talent end it's so sad what I had I can't really talk about it because it's just the two of them are hooked on drugs and if he keeps going that I meant and that's further my thank you for my Puerto Rican side I take eggs if my mother and not with the no she should've been up famous but my father beat her to death and it's made me watch but my life was a horror stories so the main idea no self-pity no I just had a messed up family I mean messed upgrade stage / my band one of the battle of the bands in New York state Balabans and 90 E. 98 Nasserite 98 yes 98 I was a singer and the drummer so we kind of had a put me on the rise and I cannot understand why the drums Laraugh I when I set out to do something I do it with the best and we won lots of prizes and got our song played on the radio then my guitarist moved to Florida because we are good enough to easily good enough then to make it through all professional so that was a shame that you know I was a positive outlook because I have to you know

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