Kelle Rayne (Talent)

Baxter, TN
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Height: 5' 5''
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Chest/Bust: 34 inches
Dress size: 7
Hips: 37
Waist: 27
Cup size: C

Types of Work Preferred:

Acting, Modeling, Reality TV, Promo / Events, Theater, Dancing, Voice-Over

Additional Information:

I've had my heart set on becoming an actress all my life but thought it could never actually happen with all the negativity of ppl around me and reading "statistics of how many never make it" and thinking I'd have to be perfect from head-to-toe to even chance it but I've just recently really tried to start really going for it. I'm even considering moving to LA to follow my dream! I'm from Tennessee so I'm a country girl at heart but people in the country say I sound like a "yankee" haha. I've Always wanted to live in the city though. I'm GREAT with accents, I can sound country, northern, Russian,, Scottish, Italian, etc. you can stick me in a group with just about any accent and I've studied how to speak like them :) I can dance, not ballet type dance but hip-hop style. I've won many contests and have been known to be "that white girl can dance" "twerk-team queen" etc. I can follow just about any type of choreography I'm taught. I've been in cheerleading/dance (hip-hop style) and the gym all my life, I've been on teams and I've been a coach as an adult. In high school I also played volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer, but my main focus/hobby/talent was dancing, cheer, and drama. I also participated in cosmetology and won many state competitions doing hair/nails, etc. My cheer/dance team won several competitions as well :) I've been one of the main characters in all plays/skits/theatrical type events I've ever auditioned for. I've also been in several beauty pageants and have always placed so I'm used to the runway and how to "run" it :) I enjoy everything from horseback riding and shooting my guns at the creek, fishing& lake life all the way up to driving & racing (anything with wheels on it, I can master!) I've had 2 custom cars I built (charger with candy paint and 26in Dub wheels, carbon fiber gas cover, racing stripes, tinted windows, etc. another with all matching black 22in rims matched the custom interior, etc) so I'm a huge fan of cars, and bikes (crotch rockets, Yamaha r6 custom hot pink/black and lime green was once my baby girl) so I'm country at heart as a bad girl with attitude & city/hip-hop type written all over me. Lol. I wear county girl dresses and boots, jeans, Camo and basic T with converse, and I also go out in stiletto pumps with class at times. I love riding 4-wheelers and Rhino/Razors off-road creek/muddy style. I've taken a few classes and have had some training in acting, I have 2 years of college under my belt but as a "go-getter" I'm deciding to just hit the ground running to succeed in becoming an actress for my talent, not my educational background! Personality wise I've always been known for my loyalty and being a big-hearted person, HILARIOUS, dumb-blonde/ditzy type to common jokes and stuff but actually VERY intelligent and book/street smart, I have always maintained a 4.0 and have been within the top 3 of my peers/classmates in high school and college, I'm kind, bubbly & outgoing type (I can talk to a pumpkin and make friends lol, there are no strangers in my world, I'm very friendly and love to talk to anyone anywhere) although I do have a "potty-mouth" and I'm very blunt, more like "one of the guys" Or so I've always been told. Lol. I'm an amazing writer and have won state competitions for essays and short stories. I am a big football fan-Notre Dame all the way babyyy, Vols(only bc of the Rep where ur from rule) & Steelers. I love music, dancing, and acting. I've studied more on "how to become an actress, being well at it, how the famous ones made it (actor/actress backgrounds), how to be successful from-finding agents, auditioning, actual acting, character changes-becoming the character your directed to be," and much much more myself out of my own curiosity and wanting, NEEDING, to fulfill my dreams than what any other teacher/training course could ever teach me but I'm always eager to learn, I'm a fast-learner/pursuer at that! I've got the motive to make a crowd laugh or to intimidate an army! I've been through A LOT and have had a very difficult life growing up without a mother and losing my father 1 year after I graduated HS but I've never let any obstacles slow me down. I've been busy working with children all my life to touch lives and be there for kids who may have a hard childhood wanting to be the light in their lives but I know I've done well at being a child advocate/teacher/mother/etc to enough kids to where its finally my time to shine, my time to become who I want to be! -an American Actress who has a positive influence on the lives of any/all who cross her path :) I'd be interested in any/all roles that may lead to my success in becoming a favorable actress. I can see myself acting with lines in commercials and minor roles, dancing or just looking cute as a passenger or even driving a car/bike in music videos, playing extras in shows/movies all hopefully temporarily bc I know if I can get my foot in that door now and really boost my resum I WILL make it, my talent will catch the eye of many and take me places. I've just got to be patient and start somewhere until Im chosen for playing major female roles in a movie/series, etc. Look out world, here I come :)

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