Seniah (Talent)

Rosenberg, TX
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: African-American
Height: 4' 11''
Weight: 87 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Chest/Bust: 30 inches
Dress size: 14
Cup size: A

Types of Work Preferred:

Acting, Modeling, Reality TV, Dancing

Additional Information:

Seniah Schera Reed to you. Seniah was born with Downs Syndrome. We were told that she would never have normal motion abilities due to the fact the extra chromosome attacks the muscle mass. But from the day she was born she has had music in her DNA. When she was a baby and would cry if I sang she would stop. Seniah has a severe learning and speech delay, so it is hard for her to communicate with others.

Many times she has been made fun of by other children because they don't understand her. It hurts my hearts because all she wants is to have the friend. Seniah soon discovered she had a gift that would draw people to her. It was dance. She began to look at all the shows on Disney were kids would dance and sing. She began to dance and sing all around the house. She actual began to sing better than she could talk,but dancing was really her thing.

She has performed in the National American Miss Pageant where she won Miss Personality and the Miss Spirit Award. She performs at community events all across Houston Tx where we live with her older brother who are teen Hip Hop Artist. Herself and I have choreographed routine from several popular song such as "This is my Dance Floor" from 'Shake It Up" on Disney to "Bang Bang" with Niki Minaj, Arina Grenada, Jessi J.

When she started Jr. High this year I decided to see if she could be a cheerleader for her school. I wanted her to get a chance to inner act with other girls her age. They told me it was too late for cheer tryouts. They said tryouts were the year before .But due to the fact she did not receive any notice of the tryouts and being the mother I am I fought for her. Not only was she granted the right to be a Cheerleader everything she needed was donated to her.

Recently at the first game for her school Reading Jr High In Richmond Tx Seniah participated in cheering were She did ok. At half time when the mascot came out, they allowed Seniah to come out and do freestyle dance to the song Nae Nae and the crowd went crazy. She stole the show two days later I posted to the video of her dancing of my Facebook page and within I hours she got thousands of view

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