Miguel Salinas (Talent)

Chaska, MN
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Latino / Hispanic
Height: 5' 8''
Weight: 140 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel
Additional Languages: Spanish

Types of Work Preferred:

Acting, Modeling, Promo / Events, Theater, Band Gigs, Dancing, Singing

Additional Information:

Ever since I was a child, I loved singing from spanish classical songs to modern diverse music. I can recall being in love with this special girl, whom I singed to her in a "serenata" spanish style by the balcony of the apartment of where she lived.I have to admit my love was too strong that I had no worries or embarrassment to sing and express my feelings not only to the girl but in front of the whole neighboorhood. My parents thought I was too crazy and funny, and yet charming at a very young age during my childhood.
In high school at southern California, I enroll in a Drama class to participate in acting and writing. I spend the first semester reading about the entertainment world, movies that sparked changed in the human world, and also about actors who have made impact in today's society. The entertainment career is indeed a never ending journey of knowedge and enrichement. I enjoyed every moment I spent researching with my teacher Mr. Healy, students, and other sources. Then, after having a basic comprenhension of "acting," I started to prepared myself for my first monogue called "Christ."
In the short monologue of "Christ," the religious Christian figure Jesus Chris talks in first perpective by himself about the turnmoils and frustration he is having day by day. This of course was not a simple task for me for a first time ever monolgue play. During the week span I had to prepared and my first semester research was really helpful. I had to asimilated a feeling of what Christ was experiencing and so I thought of the time that my parents migrated to this country of USA from Mexico. I remember the pain we had in leaving our friends, home land and family in Mexico; and furthermore, the difficulties and struggles we had growing up as a minority and low economic family in southern California.
When performing the short monolgue of "Christ," I felt as I was someone else and express the words as if I feeling the pain of Christ. When finishing the play, my teacher and the students were all quite because they could not believe my performance and neither did I. Then, my teacher Mr. Healy told me that I was gifted and should continue discovering the beatufiul wonders of acting. And I did. I then participated in the play called "Sylvia," by A.R. Gurney which I performed in front of the class, then during lunch hour in front of the entire school, and finally after school presentations to parents. I was nervous, but I received great recognition taking into consideration it was my first time acting in a play publicly - with alot of people. I participated other short plays. However, in my senior year I did not persue the acting career because I was too focus on my academics and college.
In addition to the acting environment, I am really gifted in dancing, can play sports (especially soccer and running), art, photography, like to sing, like to learn all academic departments, and travel. And more!

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