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Tips from a producer

If you want to be taken serious in the entertainment industry and book a job, you must not confuse this site with Facebook. Here are some do's and don'ts:

  1. Don't use pictures of your spouse, personal companion, babies, or friends on your personal profile. You will be looked at as an amature.
  2. Have more than one photo. Include a headshot, body shot, casual, and formal attire.
  3. Place a bio or additional information on your profile for us to read about you.
  4. Be available. A missed call is a missed opportunity.
  5. Be ready to travel. Auditions and shooting can be outside of your location.
  6. Don't get tattoo's if you plan to be in film. You are not an "A list" Angelina Jolie actor, and it will cost you work.
  7. When you get a phone call be energetic, articulate, and welcoming. This is a job. No one will hire you if you sound like you are sleeping or uneducated.
  8. Study your craft, go to workshops, read books and if you are really serious, go to college. Taraji P. Henson, (Howard University), Angela Basset (Yale), Sanaa Lathan (Yale) Ashton Kutcher (University of Iowa), Reese Witherspoon (Stanford University), Brad Pitt (University of Missouri )
  9. Research the company that contacts you to make sure they are legitimate. IMDB, Google, Variety, and Insight are good sites to verify that they have worked professionally.
  10. Do not delay your responses. When you drag your feet, we lose interest.
  11. Remember the details of the casting post. Never ask the casting agent to remind you what it said. That is a deal breaker. You come across as if you did not read the casting call and just submitted blindly.
  12. Commentary for talent: To be successful in this field, you must be professional. Casting 360 is what you make it. It will work, if you work it. Acting is a professional craft like any other job that requires education, professionalism and preparation. You will be asked to submit a bio and it will be checked for education, experience, skills as with any other job. If you are not competitive with A list actors like Kate Winslet, Kerry Washington, Johnny Depp or Mark Wahlberg that's fine but, don't shoot for that level unless you can handle that level. This is entertainment BUSINESS and art is the willingness to be a one stop artist. Producer's want actor's and actresses that can do it all. From family friendly to nudity. That way you don't have to cast new people repeatedly. With an actor that can do it all, you can call them for any project and they are an agents dream. The bases for the entertainment business are and have been for decades, Los Angeles, New York and the new kid is Atlanta. If you are in Iowa, Tennessee or Nebraska, don't expect fame to come knocking. You have to be willing and prepared to travel. Here are some tips to help you succeed:

    1. Educate yourself. Study Stanislavsky and Meisner methods. Learn professional terms such as "Sides", "CCM"

    2. Create a travel budget for auditions. Be prepared to travel to Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta. Other emerging locations are Washington, D.C., Austin, Texas and Canada.

    3. Watch and/or study films other than "Madea" or "Twilight". Don't be afraid of the classics or films like "The Reader", "Silver linings playbook" or "Eye's Wide Shut". If you don't take this serious, you will be viewed as a vanity wannabee actor that just wants attention because they were told how attractive they were or think it's easy money.

    4. Casting 360 is not Facebook. If you want to work, don't write Facebook style comments here. We watch what you write and say to gauge what level you are on.

    5. Be available. Why post if no one can reach you?

    6. You don't have to have a degree to be an actor but, most of the best actor's do.

    Books: The Power of the Actor [Ivana Chubbuck]

Tips from a photographer

If you are interested in working on a casting call posted, be sure to contact the poster at the listed web address, email etc. Simply putting "I'm interested" will NOT get you in on the casting. There are 1000's of new talent wanting to be hired or "found". You have to stand out and strive to make it! Do the contacting, make the calls, send the emails! Don't sit back and simply make a profile, and think you will be discovered. Oh no! If it was that easy, we'd all be stars and not need ANY help from anyone! Jobs can be found... they won't simply be handed to you. I wrote this to HELP new talent not pushing to be seen, so they will see that achievement can be made, but you HAVE to get the ball rolling yourself!

Disclaimer: Casting360 is not a talent agency, employer or a talent scout; the site is only a venue. Casting360 does not promise or facilitate employment. The number of casting calls available varies by location, roles available and the level of experience required. As with any business, results may vary, and will be based on individual capacity, experience, expertise, and level of desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of income the user may experience.

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